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About Us

Aspire Aim Machinery Trading Co., LTD is formal in fishery, barge and agricultural machines distribution. We had been selling these items since 1980 before this company is established. Presently, we established this company in 2011 and distribute aforementioned items with fair prices into entire country.

Besides, we import and sell not only high quality machinery products such as Diesel engines, Gasoline engines, Long shaft propeller sets and Water-pumps but also spare parts for Diesel and Gasoline engine.

We focus on quality and reasonable price which are the best way to offer to anyone who is willing to buy our qualified imported products.

Furthermore, we aim to enlarge our company in Myanmar and to be an international advanced company in the future.

Our company’s qualified imported machines and spare parts for Diesel and Gasoline engine are available at the Show room situated in PaZunTaung-KyatTen and Sales Center in BaYintNaung.

(Website : www.aammyanmar.com, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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